The Perfect Options for the Best Share Trading Option Now

Are you thinking about starting to invest in direct treasury, real estate funds and stocks, but you overcame that doubt of which broker to use? Well, this article was written especially to teach you how to choose a stockbroker.

Your Choice of the Best Banks

When you go to choose a bank there are several things that you should take into account in addition to the price. The Blix Group helps you up with that. There are other important things like service, proximity, quality of the site, service by chat. To facilitate your choice we will list here the factors that you think are most important.


You cannot choose a stock broker the Blix Group without first checking the pricing policy. It is useless to find the perfect broker if you are not willing to pay the services charged.

And yes, prices vary so much. There are brokers that charge an incredible R $ 50 per order executed via Home Broker today. But pay attention to one detail, there are several costs involved in hiring a stockbroker, you need to take into account all the fees that may be charged. Take a look at the fees that may be charged to you:

Brokerage fee

The brokerage fee is the main cost you will have when trading stocks and real estate funds so to choose a brokerage firm this is the most important fee. The value of the brokerage may vary according to the market in which you execute it. There are usually different brokerages for:

  • Spot Market for Day Trade (start and end on the same day)
  • Cash market for Normal Operations (more than one day in duration)
  • Fractional market
  • Real Estate Funds Market
  • Options Market
  • Commodities Market

Future Market

That is why you must evaluate which type of asset you will trade most often, so it will be easy to determine which broker offers the most attractive values ​​for your profile.